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136 pounds in 9 months - that is as fast as bariatric surgery.

Let Me Help You Become Your Own Success Story Join us at Raw Food Boot Camp as I did these women

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Raw Food Boot Camp
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Cost: Free Cost: $119 - $169 per 4 Week Session Cost: $119 - $169 per 4 Week Session
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In December Everyone was invited to 5 days of Raw Food Boot Camp Free. It was a great success. I have left the audios and the discussion open to anyone interested in RFBC to listen to and read. Use the link above, click on Introduction to Raw Food Boot Camp, then click on 5 Day Agenda and Daily Audios. You don't need to log in. They are there free for you to puruse. Raw Food Boot Camp has fresh starts every Monday. Use the link above to read about our program and see the fees associated with it. I have been running this camp with great success for over seven years now. The women at camp are awesome. You won't find a better support group for the obese using 100% or a high raw diet for weight loss. Read more on this page to get a good feel for what we are about. Lose 100 lbs in 7 consecutive months (I did it in 6) and win $500 along with 4 free weeks of RFBC. In those 4 weeks, if you lose 6 more pounds, you will earn another 4 free weeks. After you win the challenge, each 4 week session you lose 6 or more pounds, you will receive another 4 free weeks of camp.

To make this happen, you will need to do a Butt Kicking program. 100% low fat, low sodium, low sugar raw and work up to 2 hours of walking a day.


Say No To Gastric Bypass


Obese Workbook I: Fat Brain Lies


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It doesn't matter how good or how healthy a diet is, if people don't follow it, it does them no good. Change has to be the first priority, and that only happens with acceptance of your body and self when it comes to your relationship with food. ~ Carlene
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Stacy 136 Pounds Gone
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Jan 100 Pounds Gone
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Paula 83 Pounds Gone
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Sarah 88 Pounds Gone
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Frecs 111 Pounds Gone
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Tina 101 pounds Gone
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Raw Food Boot Camp Clients
Cheri - 63 lbs Gone

We talked about the black hole of depression today.  The black hole that makes us not care and makes us eat.  Sometimes I have fallen into the hole by accident.  Other times I have defiantly jumped in.  No matter how many times I find myself into that hole, Carlene reaches in and pulls me out; thank God!  Today she said, "stay away from the black hole.....find happiness."  Today I decided that Carlene is right.  The black hole only brings misery and pain.  Today I stayed away from the hole.....I didn't even get near it.  Thank You Carlene!

Cheri Obese After Click here to read how I helped Cheri prepare for her zip line adventure on Richard Simmons Cruise last year.

Cheri is going to zip line again this year with us while at the Pagosa Springs Live Boot Camp.

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Morbidly Obese to
Fit and Healthy with
Raw Food and Exercise


Here is My Weight Loss Story

I have spent most of my life morbidly obese. Yes there were thin times, but to be that way required either no food, drugs, or a combination of barely any food and too much exercise. At 15 years old I weighed 185 pounds. I'm only 5'1", so you can imagine how I looked. Through drugs and walking 8 miles three days a week and not eating, I dropped 60 pounds between my softmore and junior year in high school. Through marriage and children I somehow kept my weight fluctuating between 140 and 160, still pretty heavy for a small woman. After the divorce, or actually right when I decided it was time for a divorce, I was able to drop down to 115 thanks to drugs, half a tuna sandwich a day, and a lot of dancing. Not something you can really keep up. And I couldn't. It was back to fighting off 160, then 190 pounds. I did it one more time, in my early 30's. I cut all fat out of my diet and basically lived on home made bread, no sugar, no eggs, no oil. I got back down to 140 with a lot of exercise and kept it off for about a year when all of a sudden I started breaking out in huge dry spots. Knowing lack of fat was the problem, I ate cheese, had a gallbladder attack, started having hot flashes, and gained over 100 pounds within a year. More weight was to come as the years progressed. My top weight was 264 pounds. For fifteen years, I tried every diet out there, I exercised my heart out, and all that would ever happen was I would lose about 10 pounds of water, then slowly gain more weight as I increased my exercise. There was one short spurt of starvation in all that where I lost 50 pounds, but you know how that goes, as soon as I started eating normal it all came back.

In May of 2005, I was sitting at home contemplating the probability that I would never lose the weight and be morbidly obese the rest of my life. I was depressed, actually shocked at the revelation that nothing would help. My mind wandered around bariatric surgery. My interest grew in the final fix of gastric bypass surgery. Luckily, I saw a news article around that time that said people on raw vegan diets are thin but their bones are strong. I hadn't heard of any such diet, but my curiosity was peaked. Then I saw the movie AFTER SUNSET with Woody Harrelson. In the behind the scenes footage, Woody was talking about his Raw Food diet. His raw food chef was getting people to try smoothies. It was then I started my research and began this miraculous journey.

I won't lie and say there hasn't been times when eating only raw food was hard. Cravings happen as they do on any diet. There are mornings I wake up and don't want to exercise. But I steadily lose half a pound a day. Some days I don't lose anything. I have even gained half a pound a few days, but on average I can count on that 1/2 pound everyday. That is an average of 15 pounds a month, 180 pounds a year. Talk about fast weight loss. That alone keeps me motivated.

I eat more food now than I have at any time in my life. I never worry if it's too much, or too little. I eat until I'm full and whenever I am hungry or just feel like it. I think nothing of sitting down and eating four oranges one right after the other, or a whole pound of grapes. My salad can fill a two-quart bowl, what do I care. As long as I eat raw fruits and vegetables with some added nuts and seeds, I will reach my optimal weight. No doubts no worries. That's what raw food can do for you.

And when you are done losing weight, and you are no longer suffer from morbid obesity, you won't have to worry about gaining it back because raw food gets to you. You come alive with energy, see possibilities that had been out of focus for so long. You will change how you view food, naturally. And if by chance you don't maintain a raw food lifestyle after you lose the weight and you gain some back, all won't be lost. You will always have raw to fall back on.

I feel as though a fairy godmother has tapped me on the head with her magic wand and said: "Okay, its time. You can be thin and healthy." I watch TV or the news and see how many diet pills and bariatric surgeons are out there trying to snare us, the morbidly obese, into risking our lives for their unproven techniques. We all know the only safe way to lose weight is through diet and exercise. And now, I'm telling you, there is a diet out there that works.

I have started a website, RawFoodBootCamp.com, for us, the morbidly obese, to support one another in a journey to health. I beg you, if you are contemplating bariatric surgery, or gastric bypass surgery for fast weight loss, please give raw food a try before you risk your life for something you can achieve on your own in the same amount of time.

Morbid obesity does not have to plague us any longer. Give raw food a try and maybe together we can show the world that bariatric surgery is not the only hope for the morbidly obese. Gastric bypass surgery can kill you. Eating raw foods will make you healthy. Both offer fast weight loss. Both will let you post before and after pictures. One offers a life-time of malnutrition, the other offers abundance, joy, energy, and a glow of well-being so strong everyone will ask how. Choose wisely. I know I did, and I beat obesity, once and for all.

Click here to read my journal as I lost the weight in 2005

Raw Food Boot Camp

Raw Food Boot Camp has helped many women obese and overweight to lose large amounts of weight in a short period of time with 100% raw or high raw eating program. Click here to learn more.

Fresh From the Raw Food Boot Camp Blog!

Go to the Raw Food Boot Camp Blog

Sign up to get the blog emailed to you. I'll update it once or twice a week depending on how many exciting things happen. This is where you will find out about new programs, special offers, when B&A's are added and when members hit milestones. I will be phasing out the newsletter, so make sure to sign up for this so you don't miss out.

    Last Four blog additions:
  • Indigo Hits Goal with 68 lbs Gone
    Okay, it took her a couple of months to lose that very last pound, but that was fine. She worked through our Maintenance in Training program to discover what she wants to do with her future eating. She sorted out eating issues that were still lingering, and now she is ready to move forward. I am so very proud of her.

    68 lbs Gone and Goal - Way to Go Indigo!

  • Lagarto hits 50 lbs Gone in 10 Weeks
    Lagarto came to camp with a mission. And he hasn't let us down. 50 lbs gone in just 10 weeks. His 50 lbs in 13 Weeks challenge ends on Oct 7th. He is hoping for 65 lbs gone by then. If he keeps doing what he's doing, he's sure to make it.

    Lagarto - 50 lbs Gone in 10 Weeks

  • New Website Coming
    I am working on designing a new Raw Food Boot Camp website for both visitors and members. There will be a free member area where those who join will have access to audios, articles, and free courses. And there will be various membership options, some that will be open to those with a BMI under 33. I am also busy putting the Finding Your Perfect Diet into an on-your-own course. I have picked up a great program that lets me create courses with quizzes and the ability to upload assignments. I'm very excited about this.

    I am considering the following. I would love to hear back from you in regards to what you would like to see at RFBC. Full membership will always be for those with a BMI of 33 or greater. Sorry. But that's who RFBC is for and where my passions lay, so that is how it will stay.

    Free Membership

    Open to anyone regardless of weight. You must first join our free membership before being able to apply for other memberships or fee based courses.

    Learn Hungry from Full - Actual Course instead of just audios

    Sodium Challenge - Actual Course that will lead those interested in a 2 week challenge to drop their sodium levels and see how their health changes.

    Anti-Depression Diet Challenge - 30 day challenge for all those interested to add our anti-depression foods to their diet. This won't be a course, but have information and surveys to fill out and monitor. I may add a forum to this group so those going through depression have a place to talk about it. You must apply for this program, but it is free.

    Parent's Guide to Helping their Overweight Children - This will be an on-going forum open to all as we collect information and talk with each other to come up with the best solutions for dealing with our overweight children. You must apply for this program, but it's free.

    RFBC Wiki - As part of our Maintenance in Training program, members are required to go out and research food and what is in them. Like, did you know Cauliflower is a complete protein, so isn't romaine lettuce! Or that bugs are an ingredient in many natural flavorings? They also go out and research which foods are both good and bad for their current ailments. We already have some great info. A project I'm going to need work on from some of my current members is to put this info together in a Wiki format for all of our free members to access.

    RFBC Member Library - There will be a repository of articles, books and u-tube videos members of RFBC have found useful. Members post these all the time, and while we share them with each other, some are very interesting that we would like to share with you.

    More... As this area grows, we will add more courses, challenges, quizzes, and information. But I will need help doing this. I am just one woman. I can't do it all. And my full members at RFBC always come first.

    Fee Based Courses

    Finding Your Perfect Diet - I am going to turn this into an on-your-own type of course. It will have 20 lessons that you can do at your own pace. For those that finish the course by completing the assignments and  passing the quizzes, there will be an added bonus of up to 14 emails in one week or back and forth correspondence through a system built into the program to go over the perfect diet created and tweak it to make it last. Advice, if desired, on how to turn that perfect diet into a weight loss diet will be given as well.

    Breaking Fat Brain Behaviors I - IV - I ran these programs years ago, and they were very well received. I am going to revitalize them and put them into courses as well. These will cover things like eating out of boredom, frustration, stress, emotions. Letting others sabotage you. Techniques and ideas will be given on how to break the habits and how to deal with some of the bigger issues when it comes to your relationship with food.

    Orientation to Raw Food Boot Camp

    This will be a one or two week program, with no obligation to continue in camp. But to do the group only or full membership RFBC, new members must first go through this orientation. This will make sure that those that come to camp are ready to do our program. It is hard on a membership when dieters flit in and out of camp. This will be set up like one of our fee based courses, with daily assignments that are reviewed and discussed with you by Carlene and/or other long-term RFBC members. It is not grouped base. It is individual. This will be a great opportunity for those who always say they would love to do our program, but can't afford it long term, to come and get a solid footing on how to be successful with weight loss. Depending on the popularity of this program, I will decide if it is for the BMI 33 or over group, or open to everyone.

    Audio Only Membership

    Open to anyone regardless of weight. This would grant access to all of our daily audios (M-F). These audios are based on what is going on at RFBC on that day. Most weeks are theme based, but often they are tied directly to what happened at camp the day before. Members would only get to listen to the audios as they were available. No forum, no discussion, just listening. No photos or weigh ins would be required.

    2 pricing options: Month by Month with subscription that can be cancelled at any time, or 3 months at a time with a special discount.

    Group Only Membership

    I have done this before, and for some it has worked great, while others feel lost in the mix. It will only be open to those with a BMI of 33 or more. You will get to participate at camp in our daily discussion with the group. You will have access to everything at camp, except Carlene.

    4 pricing options: 4 Week Sessions with subscription that can be cancelled at any time, or 12 weeks at a time with a special discount and bonus week. Photo or no photo options available.

    Group only members will be eligible for weight loss incentives.

    Full Membership

    This will stay the same. It will remain open to those with a BMI of 33 or more. You get everything Group Only members get, plus a daily log with Carlene, email and personal messaging with Carlene.

    Only long-term full membership members will be asked to work on projects with me in exchange for free membership.

    2014 New Fee Schedule

    In 2014, I will be changing the full membership fee schedule. Right now, there is a flat fee for everyone for every 4 week session. We will still stick to 4 week sessions, and membership fees will be going up. But... the longer you stay and the more you lose, those fees will go down.

    Right now I offer chips (real poker looking chips that I mail out to members) for every 25 lbs gone. People like their chips, so that will continue. I have also been giving out a lot of free time. Like in the thousands of dollars worth of free time for challenges and weight loss milestones met. This too has been very successful.

    I wanted to add a third tier to this. It will be based on membership length and weight loss. I haven't figured out how to set this up on the new website, but I'll come up with something.

    It will be something like $$ off membership for those who have been at camp for over 12 weeks and have lost over 40 lbs. $$ off membership for those who have been at camp for over 24 weeks and have lost over 60 or maybe 75 lbs, etc.,

    Starting in 2014 the first year of Maintenance will not be free. I am thinking of charging a subscription fee of $19.95 or even $9.95 a month. After the first year, members in maintenance will be able to come and go as they choose.

    This new drip down membership approach. hopefully, will get some of our procrastinators motivated to get that weight off! :) And since weight loss can be a long term commitment, to help ease the financial burden for those that are really serious.

    So while, membership fees may seem as though they are going up substantially, for those that are dedicated to our program and their success, the long term fees will be considerably less than what they are now. And, with the new orientation program, no one will be buying something they aren't ready for. I like that!

    Current members of 2013 will have the option of staying at their current fees or moving to our new fee schedule.

    Affiliates Program

    We are going to offer an affiliates program (referrals) that anyone with a PayPal account can join. Put an affiliates link on your blog or Facebook page, and if people click on it and join any of our fee based programs, you will get a percentage or flat fee for that course or membership. Affiliate software has all it's own protocols for who gets the referral fee, so know that I have no say in who gets a referral. It is based on cookies and last looks and all this other stuff I have absolutely no control over. But still, if you believe in RFBC and want to make some extra cash, then promote us and earn some bucks!

    When will all this happen?

    I am just one woman with many responsibilities. I work on the website every night through the wee hours of the morning. It's been a struggle so far to find the right tools to get what I want, but I believe I have finally found them and hope to get the initial site up by the end of October. Some things may not fall into place until later in the year, but by 2014 our new program should be up and solid!

    I am working to make RFBC more community based. So many come and tell me they were lurking on our website for years before finding the courage to join. I'm hoping our new site will offer that confidence to jump in and get the job done!

    What Can You Do To Help?

    Good question. First, you can email me and let me know what you think of all this or leave a comment in the blog. And then you can send me your suggestions for some of the things you would like to see on the site. I know, I know, menus. But we don't do menus. I have copied some example daily food lists from some of our more successful members so you can see how those that lose do it. 

    The Newsletter

    In 2014, the newsletter will be going. Instead, all who are interested can follow our new blog. How that works is you will click on a button on the website, type in your email, and every time I post a new topic on the blog, you will receive an email with the new info. I've had to redo everything to keep up with the times, so now it's your turn! 

    Oh, yeah, and our new website will be totally compatible with all your tablets and smart phones!

    Send me your ideas and suggestions. I will consider all and implement the ones I think will be good for our RFBC community.  Carlene@RawFoodBootCamp.com

  • The Kmik Challenge Update
    Of course Kmik made her Aug 1st goal to hit 100 lbs gone. Did you have any doubts?

    That gave her the first free week of camp to put in her pot! She is now at 104.2 lbs gone, although this new B&A is of the 100's. What does this mean for her team? Well, all on her team that lose 10 lbs by the 21st of August from their two week ago weigh in, will definitely earn 1 free week of camp. Once Kmik hits the 105 (she hasn't weighed in yet today), another week will be added to the pot which is available for those same teammates who lose 10 lbs during this challenge. Kmik is keeping up her end of this challenge. Actually, she is doing even more by posting daily affirmations in her teams threads. Where this challenge was meant to keep her motivated, it is she who is motivating her team to keep up with her. We are all very proud of her success.

    Kmik's B&A Fast Weight Loss on a Raw Food Diet with Raw Food Boot Camp
    Kmik Won Our July Biggest Loser Challenge with 16.2 lbs Gone in 1 Month!

    With 100 lbs gone and winning the July Biggest Loser Challenge, Kmik earned 5 free weeks of Raw Food Boot Camp. On August 21st when she officially wins the 100 lbs in 7 months Challenge, she will earn another 4 weeks of free camp with the ability to earn up to 6 more months free. Not to mention the $500 Visa card sitting in my drawer with her name on it! Check out her blog at www.rfbckmik.blogspot.com

    Lagarto Hits 31 lbs Gone His First Month

    Now, I know, Lagarto is a man and men tend to lose faster than women, but you would be surprised to learn that he is not our biggest loser. We have had a few women drop 34 lbs in their first 4 weeks. That's not to take away from Lagarto's great success, just to point out that you can't say it's because he's a guy and loses faster. He worked hard for these 31 lbs. You can get them too, if you are willing to do our Rawk Starz program with the walking.

    Lagarto Obesity Before and Afters

    Plumera Hits 50 lbs Gone!
    You will have to wait until next week to see her new B&As.

    Facebook Says Our Results are Unrealistic and Unlikely

    When Kmik hit her 100 lbs gone in 6 months 1 week, I tried to boost a post in Facebook. Which is another word for placing an ad. While they ran the ad and took my money, they also sent me a letter saying the ad was denied and would not be run. They said my claims about Kmik were Unrealistic and Unlikely. When I tried to dispute that, and pointed out how Kmik had posted on the photo herself and that I had been showing her progress with before and afters on facebook all they had to do was look. I pointed them to our website to see how many others have had this type of success. I received an email back saying they were firm on their decision and the discussion was closed.

    How wrong can they be!

    I get how people might post scams on Facebook, and I harbor no ill feeling towards them flagging my claims, but to not take into consideration what we have accomplished over the years at RFBC was disappointing. Obviously, we are not a scam as fast weight loss is what we're known for, but convincing others is hard. How sad. No one seems to think barbaric, oh I mean, bariatric surgery is problem, but tell them to lose weight on healthy foods and exercise and they become unglued! Oh, well. We know what we do. We know it works. And we know it's healthy.

    But now, I need your help to spread the news about what we do. Email this post with Kmik's amazing photos on to your friends and family. Let them know that there are alternatives to weight loss surgery and maybe they will pass it on to someone who has lost hope that there is chance that they can step free from their fat suit.

    Like us on our fan page. www.facebook.com/rawfoodbootcamp

Services Offered
Fastest Weight Loss
Raw Food Boot Camp®

This is a tough program, but it works and it works fast. It is health based. We use 80-100% low fat, low sugar, low sodium raw foods and walking for weight loss that is as fast as gastric bypass and other weight loss surgery.

We work as a group with daily discussions and audios, and then each member has a personal daily log with me for individualized guidance and accountability.

When the program is followed, a loss of 70-100 lbs in 6 months is the average loss. I know that sounds crazy, but we get it and great health from the raw foods and walking.

This is the program I started immediately after losing my weight in 2005. And it's the diet I used to lose my weight.

This diet is perfect for the all or nothing type of dieters. You bring the all, and I will help you fight off the nothing!

Must have a BMI of 33 or greater to join

Cost: $119 - $169 per 4 Weeks

Link: Raw Food Boot Camp

New Start Every Monday Morning

Fast Weight Loss
Whole Foods Boot Camp

This is a subsidiary of Raw Food Boot Camp, but without the raw food requirement. Not everyone can do raw. In this program a minimum of 50% of your diet will be fruits and veggies raw or cooked. The other 50% will be made up of whole foods that are also low fat, low sodium, and low sugar.

The first two weeks, you and I will work together to define your individualized diet using our Finding Your Perfect Diet methods.

As our daily audios and discussions at Raw Food Boot Camp revolve around breaking fat brain lies and habits, cutting the cord with emotional eating, and taking responsibility for our relationship with food, you will be part of the RFBC group in our daily discussions.

Weight loss is a little slower with this type of diet, but if you follow the program and do the walking, you can lose 60-80 lbs in six months.

This diet requires that you want to get healthy as well as lose the weight. I'm not good at coaching for quick weight loss without the healthy part. You don't have to be vegan or vegetarian, but you have to be low fat, low sodium, and low sugar.

If you are doing a diet like Dr. Fuhrman or McDougal or Andrew Weil, you may follow their guidelines. In your log with me, you will be accountable to the diet, and with the group, you will be working on changing forever, not just for weight loss.

Like RFBC, juicing, fasting, and cleanses are not allowed.

Must have a BMI of 33 or greater to join

Cost: $119 - $169 per 4 Weeks

Link: Whole Food Boot Camp

New Start Every Monday Morning

Steady Weight Loss
Finding Your Perfect Diet

This is a program designed to help anyone discover what type of diet they can do and sustain. It is open to anyone regardless of weight.

It is an intensive six week program. It is not meant for weight loss, but discovery.

It is perfect for those who have been told by their physicians that they must change their diet for health reasons, or for those with ailments such as fibromyalgia, chronic antique, heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, etc.

This program requires work on your behalf. In the end, the goal of this program is to give you the conviction needed to live a new food lifestyle that you can honestly sustain, to get the best health for you.

This program is not part of Raw Food Boot Camp and is not raw food based.

Next Session Starts: July 1, 2013

Cost: $124 for 6 Weeks

Link: Finding Your Perfect Diet

New Programs Coming this Summer/Fall
Finding Your Family's Perfect Diet to Help Your OverWeight Child

Helping the obese is my passion. Preventing obesity in children, is well, what is greater than passion. Hope, dream?

I am currently working with other women who were obese as children/teens to develop a Guide for Parents With Obese Children. That will be free.

On top of that, I am going to offer a program similar to our Finding Your Perfect Diet, that will be geared toward changing the family as a whole in both diet and activity levels to help parents work with their child who is overweight/obese in a positive way to prevent the hardships of obesity.

I haven't decided if this will be done privately on a per family basis, or in a group setting.

If you are interested in this program. Email me at Carlene@CarleneJones.com

Breaking Fat Brain Behaviors

We have done this program with great success in the past. It is a 6 Week Intensive that deals with breaking the following bad food habits:

• Emotional Eating

• Denial about your Food

• Food Addictions

• Mindless Eating

• Nibbling & Snacking

• Social Eating

If you are interested in this program. Email me at Carlene@CarleneJones.com